Capital Partners International is a firm dedicated to helping companies comply with increasingly complicated and everchanging finance and accounting laws.

About Capital Partners International

Capital Partners International is a compliance advisory firm dedicated to the success and lawful operational needs of our customers across the business spectrum. Our consultants are able to offer risk assessments, providing our clients full confidence they are in compliance with the everchanging laws and regulations. Capital Partners International has developed a strategic system to enable our customers to thrive with tailored, cost-effective solutions for risk and compliance.

Our Solutions

Capital Partners International understands the dynamic nature of the laws, regulations, and policies of a diverse business playing field, and the necessity for our technology and training we implement to be just as dynamic. Our consultants take industry-specific training to help build customizable due diligence systems and online reports to fit our clients’ specific regulatory requirements.

  • Financial Compliance Report Tracking
  • Online Classes and Tutorials
  • Compliance Management
  • Account Personalization

Customer Support

Our team members from all corners of the globe are providing you an organic understanding of global regulatory compliance. We offer customized support dedicated to helping you and your company meet your goals.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Onsite Meetings and Orientations
  • Safety and Security Reporting
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Integration Testing
  • Encrypted Data Systems


At Capital Partners International we have the pleasure of assisting firms from multiple industries around the world. Our goal is to ensure our customers meet or exceed the regulatory requirements in their field.

  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • Health Technology
  • Insurance

Take it from our clients

After every meeting with clients, we offer them the chance to fill out an anonymous survey in regards to the security of their information, level of professionalism and overall satisfaction, so we can show you just how much we care and let the numbers do the talking.

Security of Information

Level of Professionalism

Overall Satisfaction

"Capital Partners International has taken the complexity of international finance laws and turned them into something that our company can understand, which has helped us develop new products and ideas. They have reduced the risks of financial compliance and proactively worked to help my company stay ahead."
— CIP Client
“Working with such a friendly team has been a highlight of using Capital Partners International. I have loved the relationships that were built, and the consultant transparency has allowed my team to feel extremely comfortable while figuring out the tricks and tips of regulatory compliance.”
— CIP Client


With the growing complexity of cyber threats, communications between Capital Partners International and our clients is secured with hardened end to end encyption. We have a collaborative cybersecurity team to effectively combat these threats, allowing our compliance consultants to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.


  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Encrypted Collaboration Nodes
  • Data and File Encryption
  • Automatic Endpoint Utilization

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